How to Hang Christmas Lights on Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has quite a few benefits, however, one thing you must not do is placed holes within it. That presents a problem as it is time and energy to decorate with light strings for either Christmas or other instances. Nails, tacks and cup hooks aren’t an option. However, there are services and products available which allow you to hang your lighting and different decorations firmly without the fear of damaging the siding. Specialty pins made for vinyl siding, or various types of glue pins, fulfill all these needs — and most may be set up without tools. Before you begin, check your light string for signs of wear or damage, including for instance a frayed cord or free sockets. Twist in the lighting and assess that each of the bulbs illuminates.┬áVarious reputed companies like Christmas light installation Sun City West AZ providing efficient commercial and residential services for all┬áto Hang Christmas Lights on Vinyl Siding.

Step 1

Measure the length of the lighting series course to ascertain the quantity of hooks you will have to use. Standard setups require one hook for each and every two ft of lighting series; this can vary, therefore assess your product tips.

Step 2

Install the hooks, following product instructions, along with the desired course of this lighting string. Vinyl siding hooks on average put in by adding the hook below the bottom border of the siding piece. Glue hooks require a fresh floor for mounting. Scrub the area at which you will place the adhesive hook having a paper towel or cloth moistened with all-purpose cleaner, and then dry the area with yet another towel. Stick the hook at the cleaned place and permit the adhesive to set for an hour, or in line to product instructions, until you hang on the lighting.

Step 3

Hang the lighting cords on the hooks. Some hooks include a flap catch to keep the strings firmly during windy ailments. If the product does not have this feature, utilize a nylon cable connect with all the hook to secure the lighting series. Twist the cable tie through the holes from the hook; then fasten the tie around the mild string and trim the finish using scissors. Twist-ties or twine are options to cable ties.

Step 4

Plug the light string to an outdoor-rated power resource.

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